About Us

We are a leading supplier of chemical & food raw materials as well as finished products to the Middle East and CIS market. We are the exclusive representative in the region of many well-known international manufacturers. Our heritage can be traced back to more than 50 years and we have around a hundred employees in several countries. We have expanded and perfected our trade over the years due to our good relations in major industries, fulfillment of our commitments without fail, and the excellent marketing and technical services we have rendered to our customers.

We shall be pleased to provide you the materials you need at top qualities that match your specific needs and competitive prices.

Our company was established in 1964 by two college students as a full service marketing agency. Within 10 years it became a market leader representing household names such as Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, General Electric, American Express, Bayer, and BMW. During this time, the company worked closely with industry leaders in product distribution and brand management.

In 1980, the company changed its focus to the chemical Industry of the Middle East. Despite being new to the industry, we quickly became a leading distributor of industrial chemicals and petrochemicals due to our expertise in regional markets, our strong business relations, reputation for fulfilling commitments, and experience gathered in the technical field. 

Our Group consists of more than just business oriented individuals, it is comprised of engineers, programmers, chemists, and other technically skilled individuals who allow us to support and promote the products we offer.

To be a leading corporation in our core business by providing products of superior values and aspire to offer continuous good services to our customers and sustaining consistent long-term growth on volume and profitability.

Looking after our most valued resource, our ambition as a company is to be the first choice of customers, employees as well as being a respected member of society. To realize this ambition, we rely on our single most valuable resource: our colleagues.

At Axxom, we look to employ professionals who are entrepreneurial in their thinking and practical in their problem-solving. Once we have those people, we need to train and develop their skills and talents, if we are going to keep moving forward as a company. By doing so, we will ultimately help our customers to become more competitive.

That’s why human resource management (HRM) is at the center of our business. By finding and developing the right people, HRM plays a vital part in ensuring our success as a company – both today and into the future.


We know that our employees are a clever bunch. So when they come up with a flash of inspiration, we want to hear about it.It’s a simple but effective way of improving the way we do things and it proves that at Axxom, your ideas really can go far.
Thanks to the creative minds of our colleagues around the world, we’ve developed new products, introduced new communication tools, and made many of our processes more efficient and cost-effective.


As a global company, we fully understand our role and responsibilities when it comes to society and contributing to the communities in which we operate.
It forms an integral part of our sustainability agenda.