Solid resins are available in a wide range of molecular weights to suit every application from powder coatings and epoxy ester production to can and coil coatings meeting the requirements of the FDA. Functional powders play an important role in prolonging the life of our concrete structures and with improved flow, powder coatings are used increasingly in industries traditionally associated with liquid coatings including the automotive industry. Jana manufactures 7 and 9 type resins which can not only be used for food contact materials meeting the requirements of the FDA but also cured with poly-isocyanates to give urethane epoxies for pilings, pipes and marine applications.

epoxy solution resins are based on Xylene to cater to the demands of the surface coatings industry. These versatile resins have been used in the most demanding environments with a variety of curing agents to suit the application, polyamidoamides for ease of use, amino resins, amine adducts, amines, phenol formaldehyde and phenalkamines for low temperature or high solids. The permutations illustrate the versatility of these grades and their importance to the coatings industry.

A wide range of epoxy resins use for every application including : solvent free coatings, water based systems, solvent based systems, vacuum impregnation, acrylation grades for UV cure resins, electro-deposition grades for vehicle coatings, adhesives, windmills and civil construction. With track record spanning more than 60 years, epoxy resins are versatile and offer excellent adhesion, chemical resistance, safety and compatibility.